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These Days in LSB History

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Michael Young won a Gold Glove, Ron Washington was hired, and an ancestor to the OT Threads...

Problem, Trey Hillman?
Problem, Trey Hillman?
Otto Greule Jr

A lot has happened on this date, and the day preceding it, in Rangers' history and therefore Lone Star Ball's history. For example, on this date four years ago, Michael Young won a Gold Glove at the shortstop position much to our chagrin because we've always hated Michael Young on this We Hate Michael Young fan club website.

It can be revealed now that Adam chose the name Lone Star Ball to signify that at the time he considered only Hank Blalock--not Michael Young--as a star for the Texas Rangers. A lone star on the team, as it were.

Probably none of this is true.

Six years and a day ago the Rangers hired Ron Washington and not Trey Hillman. Miles and Longhorn loved the move. People wondered aloud what racist thing Sharky would say about the hiring. Kat O' Brien of the Star-Telegram was mentioned and made me remember Kat O' Brien of the Star-Telegram. Whatever happened to Kat O' Brien of the Star-Telegram?

But maybe most importantly of all, four years ago on this day, Adam posted this:

"They should bring back OK Soda."

It may not be, but I get the feeling that this could be the grandfather to LSB's notorious OT Threads. In the end, they never did bring back OK Soda.