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Wednesday Morning Links

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Kang Defeats Kodos


So, since there's not much else in the news today, let's talk about the Rangers.

Jeff Wilson has an article setting the table for the GM meetings occurring today and tomorrow. Nothing is going to happen, but, NEWSFLASH: MUST CREDIT LONESTARBALL, the Rangers have a lot of work to do if they expect to field a World Series team in 2013. Also, Yu Darvish is not going to be pitching in the World Baseball Classic.

T.R. Sullivan has an inbox column, and for the "question writer doesn't understand Rangers' organizational relief pitching philosophy," we have a question about the Rangers acquiring Joakim Soria, and for the "question writer doesn't understand baseball," we have a question about signing Torii Hunter to fill the Josh Hamilton hole in center field.

Gerry Fraley says Chris McGuiness continues to hit in the Arizona Fall League, Alexi Ogando worked out in the Dominican yesterday, and that Nolan Ryan is looking to acquire a minor league team in America's hat. Evan Grant tells us that former Bretty Perryman squeeze Fabio Castillo has become a minor league free agent and that Steve Buechele interviewed for the manager job in Colorado.

Richard Durrett pens a love letter to Zack Greinke, to which I say, "nuts!" The Greinke thing makes me think of a guy and a girl who are friends and that everyone says should get together, but it is never, ever, ever, going to happen. The guy is always hanging around the girl and doing nice things for her because he wants in her pants, so everyone thinks they would make a good couple, but he's been friend-zoned. I suspect that Jon Daniels has friend-zoned Greinke.

Durett also continues his memorable moments series, with no. 3, the extra-inning win against Aneheim on August 2.