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Thursday A.M. Links

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Wherein we discover that the Rangers have arrived at an acceptable contract number for Josh Hamilton, and that number is "$25 million a year from the the Brewers"

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Jeff Wilson says that you shouldn't rule out Hamilton coming back next season, because there's still a chance. Well, that's... interesting news, I guess. Wilson also has a notes column where Nolan Ryan says that you would probably feel more strongly about Zack Greinke having a long career than some of the "power guys," which is another way of saying that Greinke has a "cute face" and a "wonderful personality," if you buy my friend-zone analogy from yesterday.

T.R. Sullivan also has quotes from Ryan about Hamilton and Greinke.

Gerry Fraley also has some quotes from Jon Daniels and from Nolan Ryan about Josh Hamilton, with Daniels dismissing the idea that the team has no interest in bringing Hamilton back, and Ryan saying that there are limits to their patience with Hamilton (though it's worth noting that he does not specify if the limit to the club's patience with Josh Hamilton was reached around the time that we learned one of the trials of Job was a month-long plague of strikeouts).

Evan Grant quotes Jon Daniels saying it is unlikely that Mike Adams will return to the team, as he is in line for a multi-year commitment and the Rangers don't do that for relievers.

Richard Durrett's memorable moment number 2 from the 2012 season is one I paid Elijah Wood and Kirsten Dunst to make me forget. Let magic moment number 2 serve as a reminder, gentlemen: no matter how hot that girl is that you see walking down the street... someone, somewhere, is sick of her crap.

If, like me, you've been waiting for a cartoon sex offender in a creepy superhero costume to give an accessible explanation of wave-particle duality and the double-slit experiment, your prayers have been answered. Also, you're probably now on a police watch list. If that's not disturbing enough for you, here's a topical short film with an election theme. It's got Laura Palmer's dad from Twin Peaks in it.