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Szymborski: ZiPS Predicts the Rangers win the West in 2013

Dan Szymborski runs ZiPS projections for the 2013 A.L. West teams, and based on their current rosters (everyone under team control for 2013), the Rangers would be expected to finish first

This is a fan at an Akron Zips game.  Get it?  Zips?  ZiPS?
This is a fan at an Akron Zips game. Get it? Zips? ZiPS?

At ESPN (and behind the paywall, but let's be real, most of us have an Insider account, right?), Dan Szymborski has a piece that projects the records of the A.L. West teams for 2013 based on the makeup of their current rosters -- that is, those players currently under team control, and not including any free agents.

Obviously, you can argue that that makes the projections almost meaningless, but I think its worth at least looking at, particularly since it provides a snapshot of where each team is now, and helps provide a baseline to add to when factoring in moves this offseason.

ZiPS projects the current version of the Rangers would win 89 games, 5 more than Anaheim and 11 more than Oakland.

ZiPS thinks Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler would be tied for the best OBP on the team, that Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt would both be more productively offensively than Michael Young's dead cat bounce season, and that Yu Darvish will be good.

It also reinforces my belief that the Rangers can't go into next season expecting to contend with Mitch Moreland and Michael Young as the regular first baseman and DH.