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Friday Morning Rangers Stuff

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Bob Nightengale of USA Today talks about the Rangers making plans for life without Josh Hamilton and reports that the Rangers are unwilling to offer a deal longer than three years.

Alternatively, Evan Grant of DMN thinks the chances of Josh remaining a Ranger grow every day.

Evan also blogged about the Rangers reportedly putting a bid on Korean left-handed pitcher Ryu Hyun-Jin as well as the popular topic that Jon Daniels has to deal with regarding why he can't hold all these shortstops.

Jeff Wilson of the Star Telegram writes about how the status quo remains an option and Profar could start the year in AAA rather than be forced into the lineup.

And Richard Durrett of lays out the importance of correctly using Elvis Andrus as a trade piece for a front line pitcher rather than Justin Upton.

Durrett also wraps up his key moments with moment number one, the AL Wild Card loss.