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Friday Afternoon Links

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At, Or Moyal lays out the first in a series of off season scenarios for the Rangers with The Youth Wave. There was surprisingly little about Thurston Moore.

On, Dave Cameron describes Scott Feldman as the poor man's Brandon McCarthy. There are no pictures of Amanda McCarthy though. I checked.

T.R. Sullivan confirmed the rumor that the Rangers bid on Korean left hander Hyun-Jin Ryu, who posted a 2.66 ERA in 182.2 innings in the Korean Baseball Organization.

This afternoon is also the deadline for players to accept or reject the $13 million dollar qualifying offers, including the Rangers Josh Hamilton. Every player who received an offer is expected to reject the offer in favor of seeking a long term deal. Teams that sign a player who rejected a qualifying offer must surrender their first round pick and the team that extended the offer and lost their player will receive a supplemental first round pick as compensation.