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Hamilton Poll: Should Texas Have Matched?

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Should Texas have been willing to pay $125 million over five years to keep Josh Hamilton?

Josh Hamilton, Anaheim Angel
Josh Hamilton, Anaheim Angel
Ronald Martinez

Once again, I go out of town (albeit only to Bryan), and huge news occurs.

The Angels have reportedly agreed to a five year, $125 million deal with Rangers' free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton. The Rangers were supposedly reluctant to go more than three years, and simply weren't going to go more than four years.

While Hamilton had said that he was going to give the Rangers a chance to match whatever offer he got was, he apparently did not end up doing that...Jon Daniels said the first they heard about an offer from Hamilton was when Hamilton's agent, Michael Moye, called him to say that Hamilton had agreed to a deal with the Angels.

I don't really have a problem with that, since Hamilton didn't owe it to the Rangers to give them a chance to match, and I don't think they would have, anyway.

In any case, we're going to have a poll...if the Rangers could have kept Hamilton in Texas for 5 years, $125 million, rather than have him go to the Angels, do you think Texas should have done that?

Cast your vote...