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LSB Donation Drive for Emilie Parker

A dad in a Rangers cap, at a ballgame with his daughter, strikes a chord

Scott Halleran

The tragedy that occurred on Friday in Newtown has weighed on me a great deal these past few days. I saw this picture over the weekend:



Its strange, the things that stick with you, that cause you to identify or relate even more strongly with someone. That familiar "T" on the hat grabbed me when I saw the picture, and also caught the attention of LSB reader Cormac Kelly, who suggested we do something as a community.

The picture above is of Emilie Parker, who was one of the victims gunned down Friday. That's her father, Robert, who talked movingly about Emilie this weekend. Emilie was six years old. Seeing a picture this dad at a game with his daughter -- a daughter that has been stolen from him -- breaks my heart.

So I thought we, as an LSB community, could take up a collection and send it to the Emilie Parker Memorial Fund. If you would like to contribute, send however much you wish via PayPal to adamjmorris at gmail dot com. I will send everything off as a donation from the LSB community.