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Rangers, Napoli reportedly agree to one-year contract

The Texas Rangers and Mike Napoli have reportedly agreed on a one year, $9.4 million contract, avoiding arbitration, according to MLBTR.

Napoli had requested $11.5 million when he filed for arbitration, and the Rangers were offering $8.3 million. The midway point between those two numbers was $9.9 million, which means that, if this figure is correct, Napoli settled for significantly less than the midway point.

Mike Napoli

#25 / Catcher / Texas Rangers





Oct 31, 1981

Napoli had spent his entire career with Anaheim before the 2010-11 offseason, when he was dealt, along with Juan Rivera, by the Angels to Toronto for Vernon Wells, only to have the Blue Jays then flip him to Texas for Frankie Francisco and cash.

Napoli responded with a career year, putting up a 1046 OPS while getting good reviews for his defense behind the plate. He is going into the 2012 season as the Rangers' primary catcher, and is also expected to get some at bats at first base.

Napoli will be a free agent after the 2012 season.