Crowd Sourcing: Catcher

Hey guys. I'm going to do another Rangers forecast this year based on some projection system (probably ZiPS or CAIRO or a mixture, don't know yet). I'll use that for the rate stats, but the best way to forecast playing time is to ask the knowledgeable fans. And LSB is, of course, the most knowledgeable Rangers fanbase.

So, I'm going to put up a series of polls trying to get y'all's ideas on playing time, and those will be the basis of the thingy (and I'll be acknowledging your help). Feel free to argue or OT or whatever in the comments, the poll is all I need. Suggestions and stuff also welcome.

This is not meant as a replacement or opposition to the LSB predictions that I assume we will eventually do. It may help you in gauging PA totals there, though.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

First up is catcher. What do you think?