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Thursday Morning Rangers Update

Josh Hamilton finding out that there's more than one Engel
Josh Hamilton finding out that there's more than one Engel

Adam is in Vegas. LSB is mine, ALL MINE!

T.R. Sullivan writes about Josh Hamilton's appearance on Glenn Beck's Internet show where he spoke about being in counseling since his relapse.

Anthony Andro also writes about Hamiton.

Evan Grant does as well.

Mac Engel of the Inflaming Engels has a piece on Hamilton, also. Engel writes not of Glenn Beck appearances or counseling, however, but of whether or not Hamilton is getting a pass from the media because of his race.

Over at ESPN Dallas, Bryan Dolgin updates us on the Ballpark renovations which are nearing completion. For the curious, Drew Davison has videos of the new visiting bullpen and the new Vandergriff Plaza.

Richard Durrett's penultimate edition to his Positional Outlook series focuses on the Rangers' manager. That is Ron Washington.

Finally, Mike Napoli was on the Ben & Skin show. The DMN has a transcript. Mike Napoli on facing C.J. Wilson:

I'm going to do what I try to do to any other pitcher. I might give C.J. a head nod, but I'm still going to try and take him deep.