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Saturday Morning Rangers Update

Happy weekend, everyone.

The Star-Telegram's Jeff Wilson reports on the bit 'o news that cropped up yesterday about a potential Koji Uehara trade. Wilson writes that he's heard the aim of a Uehara trade could be to free up money for the Rangers to sign Roy Oswalt--if he's changed his mind about pitching out of the pen--or to sign Mike Gonzalez. However, Wilson has also heard that the Rangers might be looking to trade Uehara simply to cut payroll. I'm not exactly sure what dumping a very good reliever, and potentially to a division rival, to save $4 million really does for the Rangers but I am also not Jon Daniels. Since I am not Jon Daniels, all bewilderment on my part should be immediately rendered invalid.

Richard Durrett also gives his take and some background on the Uehara situation.

Anthony Andro ushers us into spring with the first "Questions Facing Team in Spring Training" list article. If it wasn't already beginning to look a lot like baseball, it does now.

Evan Grant has for us a photo essay of, you guessed it, questions facing the Rangers in Spring Training.

Jon Paul Morosi writes about the twelve players he feels will face the greatest scrutiny in 2012. Josh Hamilton checks in at No. 1.

Grant and Andro were on SportsDay On Air not to share notes on their respective Questions of Spring Training lists but to discuss what to expect from Neftali Feliz in the rotation this season.

Rick Gosselin has a piece locked away behind the DMN paywall about how Michael Young should bat second in the lineup.

Finally, the good folks at ESPN Dallas have an update on the injuries facing the Rangers as they approach the start of Spring Training.