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Monday Morning Rangers Update

So, if you hadn't heard, Spring Training is starting soon.

T.R. Sullivan has some quotes from Ian Kinsler from the Surprise complex. Kinsler talks about the night Josh Hamilton relapsed, his ankle, and his contract.

Anthony Andro has a piece on five intriguing players that the Rangers will get a look at during Spring Training.

Sullivan writes about Koji Uehara, who is in camp, waiting for resolution on the trade talks surrounding him. Uehara claims that he's happy to be a Texas Ranger but is mentally unsettled with the question of which team he will play for in 2012 still up in the air.

Jayson Stark writes a very Jayson Starkish article with all sorts of lists like Most Improved American League Teams, Most Intriguing American League Spring Stories, and Checkbook Champ$ to review the offseason. The Rangers check in a couple of times throughout.

Richard Justice talks with Nolan Ryan about how the Rangers will be ready for another run after how last season ended.

Gil Lebreton writes that, relative to the past few springs, the Rangers should have a quiet camp in 2012. Though, really, I don't know how quiet it will be with the Yu Darvish whirlwind and the Josh Hamilton saga already percolating. Maybe Tommy Hunter can come visit and pop a couple of groins loud enough to be heard.

Finally, the DMN has a transcript of Derek Holland on The Ticket. He said:

But [the Angels] got Pujols.
Holland: Who cares?

And they've got C.J.
Holland: So what?