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Ryan Braun suspension overturned

Ryan Braun's 50 game suspension for a violation of MLB's performance-enhancing drug policy has been overturned.

Reports say that Braun's lawyers challenged the suspension on chain of custody grounds. According to Jeff Passan and others on Twitter, the issue was that the person who collected Braun's sample thought FedEx was closed on Saturday, so he took the sample home and kept it in his refrigerator over the weekend. That violated MLB's chain of custody requirements, which apparently provide that the sample will be delivered within 24 hours.

From a p.r. standpoint, this is a worst case scenario for MLB. The N.L. MVP tested positive for PEDs, and was apparently going to be suspended for 50 games. That news came out. The whole PED issue gets drug back out and beaten to death again.

And then, the player ends up getting the suspension overturned on what is going to be perceived as a technicality. Braun was not "proven innocent" -- instead, his team argued that the evidence used to prove him guilty was inadmissible.

So MLB has a steroid scandal, the alleged wrong-doer ends up walking with no punishment, and MLB looks ineffectual and clownish.