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More of Grant's Intriguing Non-Roster Players

Evan Grant is running down his top five most intriguing non-roster players today at the DMN blog, and has entries up for now for #4 (Tanner Scheppers) and #3 (Mike Olt).

Scheppers, with a good spring, could put himself in the mix for a bullpen slot, while Olt is one of the Rangers' top position prospects. Grant mentions Olt getting some time at first base this spring, and suggests it is because he's blocked at third base by Adrian Beltre, although, as I've mentioned before, I think moving Olt permanently off of third base would be foolish and I don't think the Rangers would do that. My guess is that Olt playing some first base is to acclimate him to the position and provide the team with some flexibility if they decide they need a short-term righthanded option at first base.

Olt could conceivably break in as a four-corners type player, but I have to think that if he's a long-term starter in the majors, it will be at third base...and if Beltre is, as Grant suggests, going to be the starter at third base in Texas the next five years, then Olt will end up elsewhere.