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Rangers agree to contracts with 13 players

Part of the rites of spring are the announcements of pre-arbitration players agreeing to contracts with teams, followed by a few of the uninformed fans or writers marveling, "Wow, can you believe Player X (a good young player with less than 3 years experience) is only getting that amount, and Vernon Wells is getting $23 million?"

In any case, the Rangers have announced deals with 13 players today -- Engel Beltre, Julio Borbon, Jacob Brigham, Miguel de los Santos, Neftali Feliz, Wilmer Font, Mark Hamburger, Derek Holland, Michael Kirkman, Roman Mendez, Justin Miller, Alexi Ogando, and Martin Perez.

The guys with no major league experience are getting $480,000 apiece -- that's the new minimum salary. Those players are also generally going to be on split contracts, so they won't make $480,000 except when they are in the majors.

The two players getting more than $500,000 are Derek Holland ($504,700) and Neftali Feliz ($502,000). Jon Daniels has previously indicated that the salaries for non-arb-eligible players are generally determined by a formula the Rangers use which is based on service time.