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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

Yu Darvish's face
Yu Darvish's face

We're only five days away from an actual baseball game. It's getting serious.

Yu Darvish threw to hitters again yesterday and was once again the talk of camp. Anthony Andro writes about Darvish becoming more comfortable in his routine. Darvish will make his first spring start against San Diego on March 7.

T.R. Sullivan has a piece on Darvish's day and writes that Neftali Feliz is impressing early in camp as well.

Behind the DMN paywall, however, Evan Grant writes that Feliz got off to a rocky start and got "raked" but now the Rangers will be able to see how he bounces back.

Drew Davison has some notes about Feliz's change up, Joe Beimel's elbow issue considered only minor at this point, and the team agreeing to terms on one-year deals with 13 players on the 40-man roster.

Sullivan has notes on the announced spring starting rotation, Greg Maddux and Tony Fernandez's early impact, Elvis Andrus and Mike Napoli's status, and a smorgasbord of other tidbits.

Today's Star-Telegram Spring Break helps us to get to know prospect Jake Brigham a little better.

Richard Durrett provides us with an update on all of the injuries in camp including more on Beimel's elbow stiffness.

Gil Lebreton gives us a lesson in wrist anatomy that would make the Brown Hand Center proud while writing about Mitch Moreland's comeback from a broken pisiform bone.

On SportsDay On Air, Barry Horn talked about how he agrees that Josh Hamilton doesn't owe the Rangers anything. In fact, Horn thinks the Rangers should give Hamilton a bonus for hard work.

Surprise! Here's Durrett's Six items of note from camp yesterday.

Here's a video from the Star-Telegram Foul Territory blog of Joe Nathan throwing BP and asking the hitters if they want him to tell them what's coming.

Finally: Congratulations to our Robbie Griffin for gettin' hitched yesterday. Y U NO LEAP DAY MARRY?