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Grant: Rangers refuse comment on reported Beras deal

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers have refused comment on the report that they have agreed to a deal with Dominican outfielder Jairo Beras that includes a $4.5 million bonus.

And there appears to be good reason not to say anything:

From what I've pieced together from various tweets, there was a belief that Beras was not going to be eligible to be signed until July 2, 2012, when there would be a cap on bonuses that could be handed out.

However, if Beras is 17 -- rather than 16, as was initially reported -- then it could be that he's considered part of this past year's J-2 class, and thus is not subject to the cap that kicked in with the new CBA.

Badler in a later tweet described the situation as "complicated," and said they will have a story up at Baseball America later today. That being said, I think it is fair to say that the Rangers are looking for ways to push the envelope and be "creative" in working around the amateur bonus caps in place.