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Monday Morning Rangers Update

I go crazy when I look in your eyes
I go crazy when I look in your eyes

Apparently John Danks is in line to be the Opening Day starter against the Rangers on April 6.

Joey Nowak of recaps the Rangers 6-1 win over the Cleveland Indians yesterday.

Drew Davison offers some details on the Rangers third Cactus League win so far this spring.

Gerry Fraley writes about Derek Holland's day yesterday with some praise coming Holland's way from Ron Washington.

Nowak writes about Joe Nathan lookin' to be Good Ol' Joe again. Washington sounds convinced:

"I know Joe," Washington said after the game. "The way he carries himself, what I've seen from him in Minnesota before he got hurt, what I've seen from him this spring, Joe Nathan is back."

Bryan Dolgin's 'Rangers Magazine' features Thad Levine discussing the work Greg Maddux and Tony Fernandez have been doing with the Rangers this spring.

Evan Grant has a piece on project 'Occupy Moreland' but I don't know what that means because it's behind the DMN paywall. My guess is it is about Mitch Moreland.'s Mike Bauman writes about the Rangers pitching depth coming into the season and how the Rangers could potentially be even better on the mound this season than last.

Anthony Andro ranks the catchers of the AL West and has Mike Napoli and the Rangers on top.

Nowak borrowed T.R. Sullivan's Notebook to write about the health and well-being of folks such as Nelson Cruz, Elvis Andrus, Ian Kinsler, Mike Napoli, and others.

Davison has notes on Brad Hawpe's spring debut, injury notes, and an update on the utility infielder battle.

T.R.'s dog Toby offers his 'Sunday Nine' from Surprise.

Grand Master Tesfatsion serves up the 'Suprise Six' today.

Finally, Fraley writes that Yu Darvish is many things but a hitter is not one of them.