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Thursday Morning Rangers Update

This photo is giving me a headache
This photo is giving me a headache

March Madness begins today. March Madness always signals in my mind that baseball season is just around the corner. That's strange because March Madness is basketball. Go Fighting Greg Kampes!

Master 'and Commander' Tesfatsion reacts to the Rangers 6-1 loss to the Colorado Rockies. The Rangers have now lost one hundred spring training games.

Evan Grant has a game report for us where he writes about the arms, the bats, the gloves and what's next. You know, baseball stuff.

T.R. Sullivan writes about Neftali Feliz's outing in yesterday's game. Feliz was working on his off-speed pitches with his slider garnering the best reviews.

Drew Davison has a piece on hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh which includes this in the headline: "pupils swinging praises"

Sullivan writes about Ron Washington's love of teaching. There's a lot of good quotes that demonstrate why you get the sense that Rangers players enjoy playing for Washington.

Anthony Andro continues his Ranking of the AL West series as he writes that Josh Hamilton is the best left fielder in the AL West. Vernon Wells and the Angels come in second. I feel pretty good about this.

Grant writes that the Rangers had their first roster construction meeting and says Robbie Ross may have forced his way into the discussion. So much helium I'm afraid we'll never come down.

Tesfatsion offers some notes including one on how Joe Nathan is still locked into the closer role even though he had a bad outing. I know, I was surprised also.

Sullivan's notebook focuses on Josh Hamilton leaving the game yesterday with a jammed right heel. Sullivan writes that the injury isn't considered serious. Sullivan also has notes on Craig Gentry's status, Mike Adams' mechanics, and which players are expected to travel to Las Vegas this weekend.

Davison's notes are similar but he also writes about Koji Uehara feeling "almost there" in his goal of regaining his form from before being traded to Texas.

Finally, Tesfatsion has your 'Surprise Six' right here.