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Miami Marlins continue to spit in the face of Miami residents

The Miami Marlins ballpark boondoggle just keeps getting worse and worse...

The latest is that residents near the ballpark won't be able to park in front of their homes anymore during games:

Residents near the new Marlins ballpark unleashed their fury and frustration on the city and its major-league club Thursday evening, saying a newly unveiled parking plan for the neighborhood will make their lives miserable.

The plan sets aside a few blocks near the ballpark where area residents can park. But it bans residential parking on many more stretches — to accommodate baseball fans coming to watch a game.

People who live on those banned blocks will have to find somewhere else to park on the 81 times a year — mostly night games — when the Marlins play at home.

At least the local government is sympathetic, right?

"We’re asking the residents to make a sacrifice," MPA Director Art Noriega explained before the meeting. "We can’t leave them parking on some of those streets. The logjam we’ll have on these streets, people won’t be able to get to the games."

Some of those in attendance Thursday came waving freshly issued tickets they received either from police or the parking authority for parking where they have always parked — on their own block.

Remember, Bud Selig personally arranged for Jeff Loria and his nitwit son-in-law, David Samson, to take over the Marlins after Loria ran the Montreal Expos into the ground.

Good job, MLB.