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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

I wanted a Mike Olt photo but there are none so you get Yu Darvish instead. You'll manage.
I wanted a Mike Olt photo but there are none so you get Yu Darvish instead. You'll manage.

The Rangers lost a Spring Training game. Yu Darvish pitched alright. Derek Holland is close to being a Ranger for a long while. Links anyone?

Master Tesfatsion reacts to Yu Darvish's start in a game that didn't matter that the Rangers lost.

Drew Davison has some notes on the Rangers 5-3 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday. Folks are ready to start panicking about Joe Nathan, I just know it.

Jeff Wilson writes about Darvish's outing and how he will not pitch against the Angels in his next turn in the rotation. This is my personal opinion but I think it is because the Angels don't deserve to face Darvish yet. You've gotta earn it, Anaheim.

Barry M. Bloom writes that Darvish is still a work in progress which seems okay because working on progressing is what baseball players do in spring training.

Evan Grant reports on the Rangers nearing a five-year extension with Derek Holland. The particulars haven't been reported yet but, at a minimum, Holland should be a Rangers through the 2016 season if this gets inked.

Joey Matches writes about the possible Holland extension and what kind of value the Rangers could receive out of the deal.

Jon Machota writes about Josh Hamilton saying on the radio yesterday that he would probably accept less money now from the Rangers than he would in free agency. However, I doubt that is going to make the Rangers rush to get a deal done with him.'s Jess Sanchez has a piece of Neftali Feliz joining the rotation and getting over the end of the last year's World Series.

Tim Cowlishaw had a chat yesterday at the DMN. He likes the Rangers, he just wouldn't bet on them.'s Doug Miller gets Mike Napoli's side of the story regarding 'Tweet-Gate' between himself and C.J. Wilson. This whole story is pretty bizarre and Wilson doesn't come off looking good at all.

Anthony Andro writes about closers in the A.L. West and thinks Brandon League is the best among them. Closers are not a strong suit of the A.L. West.

Gil LeBreton has a piece on Mike Napoli. Just a whole lot of Mike Napoli in this piece.

Drew Davison AND Jeff Wilson team up for a star-studded notes column that features updates on the Napoli/Wilson thing that is still a thing, seven pitchers being optioned to minor league camp, and the Rangers being nominated for 'Sports Team of the Year' by Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal.

Miller has some notes which cover Napoli returning to action behind the plate yesterday, Brandon Snyder's versatility opening eyes, and the Rangers' depth at catcher, among other things.

Finally, Andro covers the C.J. Wilson "prank" by taking a look at some of Wilson's career lowlights, if you will.