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Friday Morning Rangers Update

This happened a whole bunch yesterday
This happened a whole bunch yesterday

Never satisfied with losing only once per day this spring, the Rangers went out and lost a day/night doubleheader in Arizona yesterday.

Evan Grant runs down the Rangers entire day of losing spring training baseball games.

Richard Durrett offers his reactions to the Rangers 6-2 nightcap loss the the Cincinnati Reds.

T.R. Sullivan writes about Julio Borbon having a nice game at the plate last night.

Jeff Wilson writes a recap of the day portion of the terrible day the Rangers had. Colby Lewis and Koji Uehara are showing no signs of solving their home run issues.

Durrett has his reactions to the Rangers 11-4 loss to the Chicago Cubs. One of the notes is about Joe Nathan thankfully having a nice outing.

Grant had a chat at the DMN yesterday. Here's a part of Grant's reply to those wondering about Colby Lewis' fastball velocity:

This spring, he's been 88-89. I expect as the spring draws to a close, he'll be at 89 steady. You can pitch at 89, especially with his command.

However, Joey Matches brings up Lewis' hip issues from last season and ponders what that could mean for Lewis in 2012.

Wilson writes about Neftali Feliz's shoulder with Ron Washington describing it as "normal" and Feliz sounding pretty unconcerned about it.

Grant writes that Feliz may get a start in minor league camp when he's next ready to go as the Rangers will be able to monitor and control Feliz's outing a bit easier.

With Lewis' hip being an unknown and, as Adam wrote about yesterday, with Feliz being a young pitcher attempting to transition to starting after two and a half years of pitching exclusively out of the bullpen, Scott Feldman's role as starter depth becomes crucial. Drew Davison writes about Feldman's role and how he's doing so far this spring.

Sullivan's Notebook covers the details of Yu Darvish's upcoming minor league start, the Rangers' center field decision, the bullpen battles, and other various notes.

Grant writes that the Rangers have submitted all of their documentation on Jairo Beras and MLB is currently reviewing it. Also, Grant notes that the Rangers are now seventh in baseball in club value.

The Star-Telegram's Sandra Baker writes about The Ballpark's center field plaza area renovations receiving some finishing touches.

Finally, Anthony Andro writes about the Rangers' new two-pound $26 hot dog.