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Monday Morning Rangers Update


Real baseball!

T.R. Sullivan recaps the first spring game of the 2012 season which the Rangers lost 6-1 to their Surprise campus mates, the Kansas City Royals. Colby Lewis gave up a home run. Luis Mendoza was the winning pitcher.

Richard Durrett's 'Rapid Reaction' is back.

Gerry Fraley spoke with Colby Lewis about his first start of the spring and what pitching on Opening Day would mean to him.

Jeff Wilson also has some notes from the Rangers first game of the spring. Michael Kirkman--who is battling for the lefty role in the bullpen--allowed four runs but "wasn't hit hard" according to Ron Washington.

Evan Grant has a piece behind the DMN paywall about Josh Hamilton eyeing center field now that he's come to camp lighter. (BEST SHAPE OF LIFE ALERT!)

Wilson writes about Derek "King of Goof" Holland (He has a twitter account, you guys!) and how the Rangers aren't worried about Holland slacking off on the mound.

Sullivan writes about David Murphy staying positive while participating in his fifth spring training as the Rangers' likely fourth outfielder. David Murphy is a nice fella.

Wilson's notes cover the Rangers not hiding Yu Darvish or Neftali Feliz against AL West opponents should their turn in the rotation come against divisional foes this spring. Wilson also has some notes on injuries in camp and Matt West's rehab.

Sullivan's notebook covers Mitch Moreland hitting a home run in the game yesterday, Darvish versus the AL West, and Mike Olt playing at first base this spring among other items.

Wilson has a list of all Ranger player twitter accounts in the daily Star-Telegram 'Spring Break'. I think we should stalk Dusty Brown (@TheDustyBrown) as a community.

Durrett has an update of the probable pitchers throwing in the game today. The Rangers will be playing the Royals at Surprise again at 1:05 pm CT. Derek Holland will go up against Schoolly_D's Bruce Chen.

Randy Galloway has a piece on the Rangers' rotation not being filled with "name guys" but quality arms...or something. I didn't read it.

Finally, Durrett summarizes the day in Rangers camp with his 'Surprise Six'.