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The Texas Rangers Over/Under Predictions Contest Update

If it's a contest we need winners.  This guy is a winner.
If it's a contest we need winners. This guy is a winner.

Last week Adam introduced the Texas Rangers Over/Under Predictions Contest to the LSB Community. Using several forgotten passages from ancient tomes of the dark arts known as Excel, I have managed to organize everyone's entries into an almost readable format.

There were a total of 211 entries and a fine mix of close races and blow outs.

Two blowouts of note were Adrian Beltre playing more games than Mitch Moreland and innings pitched by Yu Darvish minus 20 innings being greater than innings pitched by Neftali Feliz, both by 199 to 12. I suspect the tally be different on that last one if the question was asked again.

For close races, the community was split almost exactly down the middle on David Murphy's stolen bases versus total number of pitchers used and Elvis Andrus' extra base hits versus total number of players used. Each with a 106 to 105 dead heat.

After the jump, all the totals for all the questions.

Question 1
Koji Uehara's major league innings pitched as a Ranger 108
Robbie Ross's major league innings pitched as a Ranger 103
Question 2
Derek Holland's win total as a Ranger 165
Matt Harrison's win total as a Ranger 46
Question 3
Every other pitcher's combined save total as a Ranger 41
Joe Nathan's save total as a Ranger 170
Question 4
Craig Gentry's stolen bases 96
Elvis Andrus's sacrifice bunts 115
Question 5
Josh Hamilton's home runs 76
Nelson Cruz's home runs 135
Question 6
(Craig Gentry's XBHs + Julio Borbon's XBHs + Leonys Martin's XBHs) X 2 42
Michael Young's doubles 169
Question 7
David Murphy's stolen bases 92
Elvis Andrus's caught stealings 119
Question 8
Ian Kinsler's caught stealings 141
Michael Young's stolen bases 70
Question 9
Elvis Andrus's stolen bases 165
Josh Hamilton's home runs 46
Question 10
Alexi Ogando's innings pitched 73
Scott Feldman's innings pitched 138
Question 11
Mark Lowe's games finished 28
Mike Adams' games finished 183
Question 12
Martin Perez's major league innings pitched (as a Ranger) 95
Neil Ramirez's major league innings pitched (as a Ranger) 116
Question 13
Josh Hamilton's batting average 63
Michael Young's batting average 148
Question 14
Michael Young's batting average 96
Yorvit Torrealba's OBP 115
Question 15
Elvis Andrus's SLG - AVG 91
Ian Kinsler's OBP - AVG 120
Question 16
Josh Hamilton's games played 95
Nelson Cruz's games played 116
Question 17
Adrian Beltre's games played 199
Mitch Moreland's games played 12
Question 18
Adrian Beltre's RBIs 72
Ian Kinsler's runs scored 139
Question 19
Elvis Andrus's runs scored 147
Nelson Cruz's RBIs 64
Question 20
Elvis Andrus's sacrifices 176
Josh Hamilton's intentional walks 35
Question 21
(Mitch Moreland's SLG) X 2 109
Josh Hamilton's OPS 102
Question 22
Adrian Beltre's UZR/150 136
Elvis Andrus's UZR/150 75
Question 23
(Total number of doubles for the team leader in doubles) - 7 135
Total number of home runs for the team leader in home runs 76
Question 24
Adrian Beltre's errors 21
Adrian Beltre's GIDPs 190
Question 25
David Murphy's stolen bases 106
Total number of starting pitchers used 105
Question 26
Elvis Andrus's XBHs - Elvis Andrus's caught stealing 140
Total number of pitchers used 71
Question 27
Elvis Andrus's XBHs 106
Total number of players used 105
Question 28
Josh Hamilton's HRs - Josh Hamilton's doubles 113
Mitch Moreland's HRs - Mitch Moreland's doubles 98
Question 29
Josh Hamilton's assists 44
Nelson Cruz's assists 167
Question 30
Neftali Feliz's innings pitched + 20 12
Yu Darvish's innings pitched 199
Question 31
Neftali Feliz's innings pitched + Alexi Ogando's innings pitched 71
Yu Darvish's innings pitched + Joe Nathan's innings pitched 140
Question 32
Scott Feldman's wins + Mike Adams' wins + Joe Nathan's wins + Alexi Ogando's wins + Koji Uehara's wins 124
Yu Darvish's wins 87
Question 33
Colby Lewis's HR/9 98
Elvis Andrus's OPS X 2 113
Question 34
Derek Holland's WHIP 92
Yu Darvish's ERA+/100 119
Question 35
Road wins 135
Yu Darvish's wins + Derek Holland's wins + Colby Lewis's wins 76
Question 36
Team OPS v. LHP 76
Team OPS v. RHP 135
Question 37
Elvis Andrus's OPS 114
Josh Hamilton's daytime OPS 97
Question 38
David Murphy's HRs 60
Michael Young GIDPs 151
Question 39
(Adrian Beltre's OPS/2) X 1000 (for example, if Adrian Beltre has an 800 OPS, this would be 400) 104
David Murphy's PAs 107
Question 40
Matt Harrison's ERA+ 148
Mitch Moreland's OPS+ 63
Question 41
Derek Holland's ERA+ 78
Nelson Cruz's OPS+ 133
Question 42
Elvis Andrus's GIDP 46
Elvis Andrus's UZR 165
Question 43
Adrian Beltre's GIDPs 88
Adrian Beltre's UZR 123
Question 44
The absolute value of Josh Hamilton's UZR 103
The absolute value of Nelson Cruz's UZR 108