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C.J. Wilson on the Dan Patrick Show today

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C.J. Wilson was on the Dan Patrick show today, and the link takes you to where you can read a few excerpts and also hear the entire interview.

A couple of things jumped out at me, neither of which are likely to make him more popular in Texas. First, on the backlash relating to the Mike Napoli cell phone number prank:

I learned my lesson. You can only prank people with a sense of humor, I guess.

Then there is this, on the Rangers not ever making him a contract offer this offseason:

I just…the only thing I was to get upset about was that they kept saying ‘Oh hey we are going to make an offer. We are going to come at you or whatever and they didn’t.’ It kind of wasted my time, which I feel like especially in the off-season my time is invaluable because the longer the off-season the more fun things I can do. If I was able to make a decision in early November then that would have been a lot easier for me.

So there you go.