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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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I like Adrian Beltre's swing
I like Adrian Beltre's swing

We've survived the first off day of the season. I'm ready for more baseball.

The Rangers, however, are facing a daunting stretch of games over the next couple of weeks against practically all of the non-Angels contenders in the gauntlet that is the American League. As Jeff Wilson writes, the challenge is no longer to see how the Rangers stack up against the best teams in the American League, but how the rest of the American League stacks up against the Rangers.

Evan Grant writes about the tough road ahead while featuring this quote from Ron Washington on worrying about the schedule:

"Look at my knees," he said. "You see them shaking?"

Ron Washington don't scare.

T.R. Sullivan has a piece on the closer situation with Joe Nathan saying all the right things about having other guys in the pen who can close if he isn't available.

Richard Durrett writes about Nolan Ryan's appearance on Galloway & Company where he spoke of the "very preliminary" contract talks the Rangers have had with Josh Hamilton and his thoughts on Yu Darvish so far this season.

Gerry Fraley quotes Yu Darvish on what Yu Darvish thinks of Yu Darvish's performance so far this season.

Bryan Dolgin talked with Double-A Frisco manager Steve Buechele who has good things to say about Mike Olt. Mike Olt seems like a nice young man.

Wilson looks back at the previous week of games and also looks forward at the next couple of series.

Durrett previews tonight's game in Boston which will feature the matchup of Colby Lewis vs. Jon Lester.

Finally, the Rangers now top ESPN's Power Rankings. Relevancy!