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Michael Young out of the lineup, Mark Melancon optioned

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We have an interesting alignment today for the Rangers' lineup...per John Blake:

Michael Young is apparently sitting today because of his back, which stiffened up on him in yesterday's game and resulted in him being lifted in the 8th inning. This shouldn't be a big deal, but it once again highlights the shallowness of the Ranger bench, and the need to, at some point, find an upgrade over Snyder for that last spot on the bench.

In addition, Mark Melancon, who gave up 6 runs without retiring anyone last night, has been optioned by the BoSoxto AAA Pawtucket, and Junichi Tazawa has been recalled to take Melancon's place. After last night's drubbing, one figured that the Red Sox would be seeking reinforcements for the bullpen.