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Item for Consideration for the LSB Community

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Those who've read LSB for a while know that Maury Brown is someone who is a friend of the blog. He's one of the best writers out there on the business of baseball, and he was an invaluable resource during the time of the Rangers sale and bankruptcy. He also wrote a great piece for the MSP Rangers annual that we did last year (and if MSP hadn't gone out of business and I was asked to do one this year, I'd have asked Maury to participate once again).

Maury's son Travis, who turns 7 in May, is autistic. Raising a child with autism is a lot more expensive than raising a child without autism. I'm well aware of this fact, as my son, Seth, has PDD, and the expenses associated with his school and with his therapy run into the tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Maury has set up a fund to help raise money to defray some of the costs associated with helping Travis. I'd ask that folks click on the link and read what Maury has written, and consider donating a few dollars towards the fund. We get about 10,000 visits per day on LSB, and if just 10% of the folks who come here in one day donated $2, that could mean a big difference in helping the Brown family support Travis and get him the care he needs.