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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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Hey, more Pudge!
Hey, more Pudge!

We hadn't seen that Derek Holland in months and months. I did not miss him.

Todd Wills recaps the game for There's not much to say. The Rangers kind of had this one coming.

Tim MacMahon offers up the ESPN Dallas Rapid Reaction to the Rangers 7-4 loss to the New York Yankees.

Evan Grant has some observations from the game. Grant notes that of the Rangers four losses, three have come in games started by former Cy Young award winners and the other was started by a former ERA champion.

Randy Galloway takes the first opportunity available to write that the Yankees have messed up the Rangers' "enchanted" April.

Grant writes behind the DMN paywall that there were some positive things to come from last night's game even though it was the first real beating the Rangers have taken this season.

As Travis L. Brown writes, perhaps those positive signs were the work done by Mark Lowe and Koji Uehara last night.

Drew Davison has wrap up notes from the game over at the Star-Telegram blog.

Pudge Rodriguez's day:

First, if you didn't catch the press conference held yesterday where Pudge Rodriguez announced his retirement, Davison has it for you.

Gil Lebreton writes of Pudge's day yesterday and the on-field ceremony. I like the note at the end describing Chuck Morgan playing 'Another One Bites The Dust' after Pudge threw to second for the "first pitch." Classic.

Sullivan writes a nice remembrance of Pudge.

Steve Hunt of Fox Sports even has a piece on Yankees players thoughts on Pudge.

Sullivan and Wills tag team for a Notebook covering Ron Washington's thoughts on Yu Darvish, an Adrian Beltre update (he could play today), and various other notes.

Finally, Jesse Sanchez of reports that Major League Baseball's decision on the Jairo Beras signing may come down soon.