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Thoughts on a 7-3 Ranger win

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Texas 7, Yankees 3

  • Scott Feldman was pressed into duty as a spot started, although he ended up being more of the lead guy in a bullpen start. While Feldman was solid for the first three innings, the Yankees started off the 4th with back-to-back singles, and after Nick Swisher popped out for the first out of the inning, Raul Ibanez ripped a deep shot the opposite way for an opposite field double, which prompted Ron Washington to bring in Robbie Ross. Feldman was good until the fourth inning, and if Washington didn't have both a rested pen and an off-day tomorrow, he might have stayed with Feldman a little longer.
  • Robbie Ross did what Robbie Ross has done all season. He faced eight batters, and retired all eight, striking out a pair. Ross now has a 2.25 ERA, a 0.88 WHIP, and picked up his major league leading 4th win.
  • I'm guessing that the Rangers had decided they were going to get Neftali Feliz into the game if they could...when the news came down that Feliz was having his next start skipped, the indication was that he would be available in the pen for the next few days, and I imagine that the team wanted to try to keep him sharp by getting him an inning or two between starts. Feliz gave up a moonshot to Raul Ibanez, but otherwise was fine in his one inning of work.
  • In a four run game, the Rangers used Mike Adams in the 8th and Joe Nathan in the 9th. That's 9 appearances for Adams, and 10 for the 37 year old, coming-off-of-Tommy-John-surgery Nathan. I get that the Yankees are a potent offensive club, you'd rather not go to Koji Uehara or Mark Lowe, there's an off-day tomorrow, but still...I continue to be a little concerned about how the back of the pen will hold up with this workload.
  • I'm watching Man v. Food. Adam Richman is about to eat a bucket of 50 buffalo wings as a challenge. They look really good. I'd really like some wings right now

  • The Rangers are now up 8.5 games on the Angels. Anaheim wasn't that far out of first place last season until the next to last day of the year.
  • I tweeted about this during the game...the weird thing about our early-season scoreboard watching is that we keep talking about the number of games we are up on the Angels, but they're in last place. Seattle and Oakland are between us, and yet, we act like Seattle and Oakland don't even exist.
  • Josh Hamilton was hitless, dropping his batting average down below .400 on the year, but he did get walked intentionally twice and was also hit by a pitch.
  • Both of Hamilton's intentional walks came after Elvis Andrus sacrifice bunts. One bunt came in the bottom of the fourth, against a Yankee reliever who had yet to get an out versus the first three batters he'd seen (going homer-walk-single). Why give an out away to a struggling pitcher? And it wasn't even a particularly close game at that point...the Rangers were up three and had a chance to blow it open. Why bunt? After the sacrifice, Hamilton was walked intentionally, Adrian Beltre flew out, and Michael Young grounded out, meaning that Elvis's bunt resulted in the bases being left loaded.
  • Then in the sixth, Elvis bunted again, once again with no one out, and after the inning had started with a homer and a walk. Up 4 runs, with a reeling pitcher, there's no need to bunt.
  • The Rangers had three home runs tonight, including a 441 foot blast from Adrian Beltre that went a ways up on Greene's Hill. The most noteworthy homer, though, came from Mitch Moreland. Moreland has gotten off to a poor start to the season, but he went two for three tonight with a walk, giving us some hope that he may be shaking out of his season-long funk.
  • The Yankees used sidearming lefthanded former Ranger Clay Rapada and sidearming righthanded former Ranger Cody Eppley tonight. That's kind of weird.