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The Texas Rangers Over/Under Predictions Contest

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Sky Kalkman has been doing this for a while at Beyond the Box Score, and so I am going to steal the idea, and the instructions, from him. Here's the contest:

Below you will find 44 pairs of numbers. In each case, you tell me which number will be bigger. One point for each correct answer. Most points wins.

Ties — and I expect there to be a nontrivial number of them — go to the side that had fewer votes. For example, here is a pair of numbers:

Wins by the Yankees
Wins by the Red Sox

Let’s say 41 people take the Yankees and 54 take the Red Sox. If the Yankees and Red Sox end up with the same number of wins, then each Yankee-backer will get a point and each Red Sox-backer will not.

I will buy the winner the 2013 Baseball Prospectus book.

The contest closes at midnight on Thursday, April 5.

The pairs are after the jump.