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Post-game thoughts on a Ranger loss


4-3 loss to Chicago, after winning 3-2 yesterday. Some thoughts:

  • Derek Holland had a pretty Derek Holland game. Stretches where he looked great, with some moments where he didn't seem to know what he was doing. Walking Brent Lillibridge and Adam Dunn -- Adam Dunn, who had 6 hits against lefties last year, who had a .064/.235/.074 line against them -- with two outs, then allowing an 0-2 double to Paul Konerko to allow the two walks to score...that's the sort of sequence that seems to dog Holland all too often, and leads his critics to believe he's unlikely to be a legit TORP.
  • Ian Kinsler is continuing to mash. A single, a triple, a couple of hard hit balls the opposite one on the team is hitting better than him right now.
  • I initially was fuming over Mitch Moreland being left in the game to face lefty reliever Hector Santiago with one down in the 9th inning, down a run, but someone on Twitter pointed out that Santiago's screwball makes him more effective against righties, and Santiago had reverse splits in the minors in 2011. Given that, I'm backing off my demand that Torrealba, Gentry or Snyder should have hit for Moreland.
  • David Murphy has been pretty bad in the field so far, but he's hitting the ball well. His history has been that he gets off to slow starts, but the Rangers need his bat, and Murphy needs to hit well early on the keep the Rangers from looking around for another option, at least on a part time basis.
  • The bats aren't doing enough right now, and that may be in part because the bats are trying to do too much. The Rangers have drawn a total of one walk through 2 games, and ChiSox pitchers have thrown a total of 236 pitches through 17 innings, an average of 13.88 per inning. That's not good.
  • The bullpen is doing its job. Yes, Joe Nathan gave up a home run, but overall, he, Alexi Ogando, and Mike Adams looked good, and they've allowed a total of 1 run in 6 innings. You can't complain about that.