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Sunday morning Rangers things

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The Rangers aren't going 162-0, is appears.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the two walks with two outs in the third that gave Chicago's offense new life.

T.R. Sullivan's game story has quotes from Joe Nathan, talking about the 1-2 fastball to Alex Rios that Rios sent over the centerfield fence to give the ChiSox a 4-3 victory.

Evan Grant has his post-game reactions from yesterday's game.

Richard Durrett has his rapid reactions at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Grant has his full game story behind the paywall at the DMN.

Drew Davison writes that today's starter, Matt Harrison, wants to pitch 200 innings this year.

Gil Lebreton has a column on the Ranger bullpen, which saved the game Friday, but which couldn't keep the game tied yesterday.

Durrett has a story about Josh Hamilton apparently deciding he would play left field and Craig Gentry would play center field when Gentry came in for defense late in the game, with Ron Washington saying that he wouldn't ask Hamilton to move out of center, but if Hamilton volunteered to do so, it was okay.

Sullivan's notes talk about Yorvit Torrealba changing his crouch with a runner on to help get the ball out quicker, the weird Josh Hamilton/Craig Gentry who plays center/who plays left drama, and Ron Washington's insistence that Mike Adams' role is to pitch the 8th inning.

Anthony Andro's notes talk about Harrison's debut today and the Hamilton/Gentry situation.