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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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Welcome, Robbie Ross
Welcome, Robbie Ross

The Rangers are now on pace for 54 shutouts on the 2012 season.

T.R. Sullivan recaps the Rangers 5-0 shutout victory over the Chicago White Sox.

Richard Durrett has his reactions to the win and the Rangers first series victory of the season.

Drew Davison wraps up the Rangers win with a bunch of notes from the game. There are some quotes from Adrian Beltre herein about Hamilton's launched dong and getting off the schnide. I enjoy Adrian Beltre.

Jeff Wilson's game story focuses on the job Matt Harrison did yesterday. The buzz coming out of spring was about how great Harrison was throwing. In his first start of the regular season, Matt Harrison did not disappoint. The only thing left for Harrison to do now is read a book on efficiency.

Sullivan writes about the show Josh Hamilton put on last night. It wasn't quite as amazing as the game he had against Boston a couple of years back, but Hamilton definitely looked like he was enjoying the national broadcast spotlight.

Anthony Andro writes about Robbie Ross making his Major League debut just hours after walking to the bullpen pregame in his best Hopalong Robbie getup.

Doug Miller of previews tonight's game which will feature the MLB debut of another new Ranger. It's time to play ball, Yu!

Behind the DMN paywall, Barry Horn writes about the expected media circus surrounding Yu Darvish's debut.

Gil Lebreton writes about the Yu debut and has tons of quotes from Rangers players about what a cool dude Darvish is.

Wilson has notes on Napoli catching Darvish tomorrow, what's going on with Brad Hawpe, and other notes.

Randy Galloway checks in to write about how tonight's game probably won't be a sellout crowd. So this whole Darvish thing is probably already a failure.

Finally, Evan Grant counters that the Rangers are already seeing a boost in attendance considering what they averaged on weekday games against the Mariners last season.