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LSB Pick6 Contest -- Win a Free T-Shirt!

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With Pick6 launching recently, the Lone Star Ball community has been hand-picked by the Powers That Be to have a Pick6 contest. There will be one this week, and another contest next week, with two winners each week. Each winner of each contest gets a free Pick6 t-shirt.

First, to get the boring stuff out of the are the official rules. Everyone who participates in the contest is subject to the rules.

Here's how it works, in a nutshell...there are two winners each week. One winner will be the person who has the highest single-day score in the week. The second winner will be the person who has the highest aggregate score for the week. Each person will get a Pick6 t-shirt, which you can check out after the jump.

If you don't win this week, we'll be doing the contest again next week, so you'll have another chance.

So there you go. You've got until late afternoon Monday to get your picks in for tomorrow. Click on the Pick6 widget, check out the options, and win bragging rights (and a t-shirt).

The awesome Pick6 t-shirt: