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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

I guess he doesn't get many wins
I guess he doesn't get many wins

Last night was the first late night West Coast game of the season and it showed. That game was yucky. But hey, Matt Harrison vs. Hector Noesi go in the Battle of the Century tonight! I'm excited about this one.

T.R. Sullivan's game story focuses on Yu Darvish. Darvish had arguably his worst outing as a Texas Ranger. With Felix Hernandez pitching lights-out on the mound for the Mariners, even a mediocre start wouldn't have gotten it done.

Bryan Dolgin provides the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers 6-1 loss to the Seattle Mariners.

Anthony Andro recaps the game with more on Darvish's struggles last night.

Evan Grant writes in the DMN blog that Yu's performance was so poor that he apologized to Ron Washington for it.

Jeff Wilson writes about the game while noting Yu's problems getting Ichiro out so far this season. It's like the bad ol' days when Ichiro terrorized the Rangers but only Yu Darvish is now affected.

If getting thoroughly beaten by the Mariners wasn't bad enough, yesterday also held the bad news that Neftali Feliz is going to miss a month or more with sprained UCL. Sullivan reports on the injury while writing on how the Rangers might replace Feliz in the rotation.

Grant also writes about the options the Rangers have for the rotation in the wake of the Feliz injury. Let's play a game. On what date do the Rangers sign Roy Oswalt? My guess: Never.

Sullivan's notebook covers Michael Kirkman undergoing treatment for skin cancer (All the best to you, Cap'n Kirk), the return of Yoshi, and other notes.

Wilson's notes cover mostly the same items but also one on Matt Harrison looking to get back in a groove.

Finally, Christian Corona writes of Brad Hawpe's agonizing journey back to the big leagues. Brandon Snyder has a job in the Majors, Brad.