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Monday Morning Rangers Update

Yoshinori Tateyama looking up where the Rangers are in the American League standings
Yoshinori Tateyama looking up where the Rangers are in the American League standings

Baseball is pretty fun when the Rangers win a lot.

T.R. Sullivan's game story focuses on Yu Darvish getting through five less-than-dominant innings with an upset stomach and stiff back. However, thanks to the bats going nuclear, Darvish still won his league-leading seventh game.

Calvin Watkins reacts to the Rangers 12-6 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

Drew Davison has wrap up notes on the Rangers win and series sweep against the Blue Jays.

Jean-Jacques Taylor writes a baseball article on Yu Darvish's command.

Matt Mosley writes a baseball article on Elvis Andrus blossoming into one of the best shortstops (Statistically, he has been the best shortstop this season) in baseball.

Davison has a piece on David Murphy trying to draw walks and remaining patient at the plate in the absence of base hits. Here's a quote from Murphy in the article:

"I feel like I've had my fair share of hard outs this year, but I haven't necessarily had my fair share of luck. It's good to get some of those now and then."

Let's see...Murphy currently has a career high LD% of 23.6% so he is correct in his assumption that he is hitting the ball relatively hard. As far as luck, though, Murphy has a BABIP of .310. So he hasn't been terribly unlucky. Sorry, Murph. That said, Murphy's current walk rate of 10.1% would also be his Rangers' career high. That's neat, at least.

Watkin writes on the Rangers already drawing 1,000,000 people in attendance this season. Of note, this is the fastest the Rangers have ever reached the one million mark.

The Dodgers, Phillies, and Yankees are the only other teams to reach the one million mark so far this season. Each of those clubs have had at least two more home dates than the Rangers, however. Also, the 16 sellout games so far this season is second in total sellouts in one season behind the year The Ballpark opened in 1994.

Sullivan's Notebook covers Mike Napoli saying he still wants to stay a Ranger, Alexi Ogando day-to-day after getting hit in the hand on Sunday, C.J. Wilson vs. The Rangers: Round Three scheduled for Saturday, and other notes.

Jeff Wilson's notes cover Roy Oswalt not looking like an option for now, updates on the health status of Napoli and Josh Hamilton, and Matt Harrison looking to do better in the first inning of his starts.

Behind the DMN paywall, Kevin Sherrington writes about Yu Darvish's start yesterday somehow being another reason why the Rangers should sign Oswalt.

Finally, it's DMN Top 12 Prospects Slideshow time. You'll probably just want to skip the Martin Perez slide.