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Thoughts on a 10-3 loss


M's 10, Rangers 3

  • What in the world was Joe Nathan doing pitching the 9th inning with the Rangers down 7 runs, after having pitched the night before? That was his third outing in four games. I don't know what was going on there. I'm confused.
  • Scott Feldman didn't pitch poorly. The relievers didn't really pitch poorly. Mike Adams got dinged for three runs in 0 innings pitched, though he faced four batters and gave up three not terribly well hit grounders and a line drive to right field Nelson Cruz should have caught. It was just one of those games.
  • When Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre both make awful, run-allowing errors in the same game, you know its just not your night.

  • Hey, Josh Hamilton homered! That was pretty cool.
  • But, yeah, that was a lousy game all around. It happens. Let's pound some Budweiser and go get them tomorrow.