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Monday afternoon linkaliciousness

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Some links on random stuff for your perusal...

Richard Justice has a piece on Chris Davis getting the win yesterday, and looks at Davis's struggles and how he's perceived:

Upon learning of the trade, Davis did something that speaks volumes about what kind of man he is. He walked into manager Ron Washington's office, stuck out his hand and thanked him for the opportunity to play for his favorite team. He tracked down Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and did the same thing.

"They gave me a chance to fulfill a dream," he said.

Jim Callis has info in Ask BA about the 2011 slot recommendations and bonus figures for the first round, comparing them to the 2012 values assigned to the first round picks.

Craig Calcaterra responds to Jon Heyman's accusing Andy Pettitte of perjury, and Heyman's claim that he will now not vote for Pettitte for the Hall of Fame because of his testimony.

Mike Lupica says that Andy Pettitte comes across looking like a "huge phony."

Jeff Sullivan has the latest installment of "The Week in Worst" at SBN Baseball.

Jon Bois looks at the worst team slogans from the last decade-plus, which includes a couple of terrible Ranger slogans...