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Monday Morning Rangers Update

"It's the penis, doc."
"It's the penis, doc."

The Rangers have a day off today because hanging out in San Francisco for a week is hard work.

T.R. Sullivan recaps the Rangers' series-winning team effort yesterday.

Bryan Dolgin offers up the ESPN Dallas Rapid Reaction to the Rangers 5-0 victory over the San Francisco Giants.

The only bad news from yesterday's 2010 World Series Vengeance Series was, as Jeff Wilson writes, Alexi Ogando succumbing to National League baseball. Ogando left the game after three masterful spot-start innings with a strained groin injury that he sustained on a solid bunt attempt.

Ogando previously rose to the rank of starter out of the ashes of a late spring training Tommy Hunter groin injury and now awaits his fate due to his own pesky pubic area ailment. "Live by the groin, die by the groin," the saying goes. Now, if Ogando misses time, you could see Robbie Ross or Michael Kirkman starting games for the 2012 World Series contending Texas Rangers.

Anthony Andro writes on Roy Oswalt's next start which will be tomorrow at Frisco. Remember when Oswalt was coming to replace Scott Feldman who was replacing an injured Neftali Feliz but then Derek Holland's shoulder got the flu and Ogando's li'l Moai snapped? You can never truly have enough starting pitching depth.

Gil LeBreton has a piece on the Rangers returning to the comfort of home games in hot Texas weather! Wait...the Texas Is Hot articles used to be so different. My how things have changed.

Sullivan's Notebook covers Ogando undergoing an MRI later today to assess the damage, Nelson Cruz's Achilles, Yu Darvish's bullpen session, and Ron Washington's thoughts on the Bay Area among other things.

Wilson's notes cover the Rangers returning home to a much different weather climate than the last dozen games they've played, Michael Young and Cruz's day off, and a Darvish update.

Randy Galloway has an article that begins, "Warning: This is a 'race card' column" about the Ranger selecting several African-American players in this year's draft.

Finally, the DMN remembers the week that was in the world of Rangers prospects. No mention of LSB's trip to San Antonio to harass Mike Olt with 'Arrested Development' references, sadly.