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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

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That was irritating. Colby's 0-2, two out HBP was irritating. Ian Kinsler booting a routine grounder that would have ended the inning, right before Mike Trout singled in two runs, was irritating. The Rangers only scoring 2 runs against the Angels when they were starting Jerome Williams was irritating.

And before we get to the Rangers links, let me direct you to this New York Daily News story about zombies:

With fears of a possible "Zombie Apocalypse" growing, the feds have been forced to deny that the undead are real.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made it clear in a statement that flesh-eating, undead creatures definitely don’t exist.

"CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms)," CDC spokesman David Daigle wrote to the Huffington Post on Thursday.

Moving on...

Jeff Wilson's game story says the game came down to the Angels executing in a key spot and the Rangers not executing.

T.R. Sullivan's game story talks about Colby Lewis having no one on and two out in the 7th inning, but being unable to shut the door, giving the Angels the chance to score the runs that ultimately won the game.

Evan Grant has his observations from last night's game. Richard Durrett has his Rapid Reaction up.

Anthony Andro has a story about last night being Nolan Ryan's first time back at Angel Stadium since 1993.

Mike Napoli has been struggling, but says he is confident he can get it going again.

Behind the paywall, Grant writes about the Rangers' "sloppy defense."

Andro writes about Robbie Ross's failure as a cow milker.

The S-T's notes talk about Nolan Ryan being pleased with the team, the Rangers putting Wednesday's blowout behind them, and Roy Oswalt passing his physical.

Sullivan's notes talk about who Ron Washington would use among his position players in a blowout game (it wouldn't have been former college pitcher Mitch Moreland), Josh Hamilton taking early b.p., and Kinsler testing an elbow guard, along with some minor league pitching updates.