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Pick6 6/25 Leaderboard

Look at these comedians
Look at these comedians

1 Gonzo28 92.1
2 mballen76 77.5
3 fightingengineer 75.8
4 Texcal1997 69.5
5 jonthefon 67.9
6 Kazuto Yamazaki 61.0
7 Atticus F 60.3
8 Soonernick 59.7
9 Chad Crudup 57.6
10 Male28Dan 56.4

I don't know how to generate the rest of the leaderboard so we're only going to celebrate the top ten today. Rest assured, however, that I was No. 22 and that's pretty good.

Also, a Pick6 question:

Who are your go to Pick6 players? I've been leaning on the kind and gentle hand of Joe Nathan all season. Elvis Andrus has also been pretty good to me. Shamefully, Mike Trout has been an incredible value pick.