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Morning Thread Lunch Time Supplement

Round Rock bound? It is a mystery
Round Rock bound? It is a mystery

The morning thread had a lot of loose ends and suspense-filled mysteries. Nothing has really changed but here's a couple of links to add some clarity while we wait to hear who the Rangers send down for Martin Perez.

Yes, Perez is indeed being called up from Triple-A. No idle Twitter speculation here. Richard Durrett covers an official note from the Rangers about the move that includes no information on the corresponding demotion. Durrett speculates that it will likely be Michael Kirkman returning to Round Rock.

For those worried that Perez was coming up because something was wrong with Yu Darvish, Evan Grant puts those fears to rest:

T.R. Sullivan has a blog post up about how the Rangers were sort of forced to announce Perez's call-up before they were ready because we live in the era of Twitter.

CBS DFW has more information on Dave Barnett's "complicated diagnosis." It's interesting to me that Barnett says he didn't even know anything had happened until the next day and has no memory of the incident. There's no timetable for when Barnett will return, apparently.

Finally, I missed this post by Joey Matches for the morning thread. Joey's trying his hand at a Jeff Sullivan-esque bullet point post. It's a good one.