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LSB's Top 100 Players in MLB -- Voting open for #74

Congrats, J-Hey
Congrats, J-Hey

Congratulations to Jason Heyward, the #73 player in the LSB Top 100 list. For a full list of who has been voted in so far, check out the sidebar on the left.

We continue our series where we have the LSB community pick the top 100 players in MLB. Today, we are at #74.

Rules after the jump:

Here are the rules:

1) Each weekday at 10 a.m. Central, a new poll will open, which will stay open until midnight Central that night.

2) Unless there is a tie, there will be no runoffs.

3) Pitchers are eligible.

4) You vote for who you think the best player is right now. Who you would want if you were building a team for just the next season or so. Don't vote Mike Trout unless you think that, right now, he's better than anyone else on the list. Don't vote Matt Moore because you think he'll be the best pitcher over the next 10 years.

5) Caveat for #4, above: Injuries only matter in terms of how it impacts the player long-term. If you think Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball, and he suffers an injury with no long-term implications that will sideline him for two months, don't not vote for him because, well, this is who is the best right now/over the next season and he's not the best now because he's on the disabled list.

6) Contracts don't matter. If you think Albert Pujols is empirically better than Evan Longoria, don't pick Longoria because his contract is more team-friendly. Don't pick Jered Weaver over Zack Greinke because Greinke is about to be a free agent and Weaver is under contract for five more years.

7) There will be 10 players on each day's ballot. The highest vote getter wins, the two lowest vote getters are dropped for the time being, and I add three different players to the ballot the next day. The three players added will be strictly at my discretion, although I'll take suggestions. A player who is dropped can (and probably will) be added back on in the future.