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Thursday Morning Rangers Update

David Murphy running is never not funny
David Murphy running is never not funny

Big night from the offense last night. I decree a halt on complaining about the offense for 48 hours or until the Rangers are next shutout.

T.R. Sullivan's game recap asks the question: What June offensive slump?

Richard Durrett handles the Rapid Reaction from the Rangers 13-9 victory over the Detroit Tigers.

Jeff Wilson writes about the win while touching on the gruesome pitching side of the story. Oddly though, for having given up nine runs and what seemed like 700 hits, the game never really felt in doubt.

Drew Davison wraps up last night's game with a bunch of notes. Among the notes you'll find something bad (Roy Oswalt allowing the most hits by a Rangers pitcher since 1980), something good (Adrian Beltre and David Murphy's production), and something swirled with each flavor of the moral spectrum (Martin Perez making his Major League debut but being responsible for four runners crossing the plate).

Behind the DMN paywall, Evan Grant writes about Roy Oswalt tying a record for most hits allowed by a Rangers starting pitcher.

However, Mike Bauman of writes that Oswalt's start was encouraging. And while I'm going to feel pretty smug in my assumption that Oswalt won't allow 13 hits every time out, encouraging probably isn't the word I'd use for this particular start.

What was encouraging about the start was the fact that Oswalt was given a lot run support by the offense. Jon Machota writes that the Rangers' "dangerous" offense is partially why Oswalt signed with the Rangers.

Clint Foster writes about Perez's debut. Prince Fielder made it a memorable entrance when he barrel rolled into Perez during the first inning of Perez's career. No word yet on if Perez or Justin Grimm will start on Saturday. Foster writes that Perez is still a possibility even though he pitched last night.

Davison drew the short straw to write the annual summer piece on the cautionary tale of David Clyde.

Kevin Sherrington had a chat on the DMN website. Here is a comment from it:

Comment From MB@Denton ... I am not really happy with the fielding performances of Cruz and Andrus. Andrus led the AL short stops in errors last year and hasn't done too well lately either. In the recent Colorado series he got bailed out on a botched rundown tag by a runner error and some of his throws to first were dangerously high. Young did not seem amused. Cruz has a great arm but he blows routine catches, especially the line drives. When I have asked you guys why we don't just move Cruz to DH you always say, "What would they do with Young?" With Andrus becoming a liability why not just move Young back to short stop and Cruz to DH? That would put a better fielder in right field, too. We could call up Jurickson Profar if they aren't happy with Alberto Gonzales backing up Young. I think they are happy with Gentry and Hamilton in the outfield but if they feel they need another full time starter to replace Cruz, trade Andrus. Jurickson Profar is going to make that a neccesity soon anyway. I know Andrus is batting better than Cruz right now so until he is traded let them battle it out for the DH spot. Kinsler is also starting to get error prone, too. And Beltre... :)

What say you, Denton folks?

Christian Corona tackles the Notebook with notes on Mike Olt and Profar's Futures Game excitement, Derek Holland's rehab start last night, various All-Star notes and other items.

Lastly, the DMN notes that Trent Williams (AKA Greene's Hill Kid, AKA The Keeper) was asked to narrate the opening segment of a feature on MLB Network. Good work, Keeper.