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50-29 - Martin Perez Is A Winning Major League Pitcher

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Grown man
Grown man

Pitchers who threw for the Rangers in this contest:

  • Martin Perez
  • Yoshi Tateyama
  • Michael Kirkman

I watched these fellas pitch horribly in Round Rock not but a few weeks ago. The Rangers keep winning. The Rangers don't scare.

Also, that Josh Hamilton home run felt really good. That Ian Kinsler two-RBI bloop felt even better. The best feeling was watching Martin Perez win his first Major League start to put the Rangers up 21 games above .500 and propel the club to a 6 1/2 game lead in the American League West.

The Rangers are the only team in baseball with 50 wins. The Rangers are on pace for 102 wins.