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Monday Morning Rangers Update


Today is the MLB Draft. Congratulations to some lucky kid from Georgia on getting drafted by the Texas Rangers.

T.R. Sullivan writes about a big Rangers win yesterday. This is kind of the burden of following a baseball team you know is good. When things aren't going well, it gets stressful. I wasn't mad, Rangers. I was disappointed. Yesterday was a nice long sigh of relief, though.

Richard Durrett reacts to the Rangers 7-3 victory against the Anaheim Angels. Enjoy your pizzas, friends.

Jeff Wilson recaps the action from the game yesterday. It's funny how 4 1/2 feels so much better than 2 1/2 would have felt.

Behind the DMN Paywall, Evan Grant writes about Elvis Andrus being the embodiment of the team's "emotional health."

Durrett writes about the Ranger team meeting the night before last and how the Rangers are hoping they've rediscovered "Ranger baseball."

Lyle Spencer writes that the Rangers evoked their superior team chemistry to assist them in bouncing back and winning the finale in Anaheim yesterday.

Joey Matches recaps the entire series against the Angels. He also notes some ridiculous stats from Joe Nathan so far this season.

Durrett has a piece on Nelson Cruz's mammoth dong in yesterday's game. If you haven't seen it...yeah, you should see it.

Anthony Andro writes about Josh Hamilton being selected as the American League Player of the Month for May. You may recall that Hamilton also won that award for April.

Behind the DMN Paywall, Gerry Fraley discusses the heightened importance of the draft now that MLB has put limits on spending in the international market.

Wilson has notes on Hamilton's Player of the Month selection, the team meeting, and what's up with Feldmania after the Roy Oswalt signing.

Finally, here's your DMN slideshow update on the Rangers' top 12 prospects. You should check out what Mike Olt is up to.