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Rangers dominate A.L. All-Star Roster


Why can't the Rangers hold all these All-Stars?

Josh Hamilton, who garnered a record 11,073,744 votes which broke Jose Bautista's record from last year by more than 3.6 million votes, will start in the outfield. Mike Napoli was voted as the A.L. starting catcher. And Adrian Beltre held off Miguel Cabrera to win the starting spot at the hot corner. If Hamilton starts in left field, with Curtis Granderson on the roster to man center field, the Rangers would hold the entire left side of the field (if you don't count Derek Jeter and you shouldn't).

But wait, that's not all. The players voted Ian Kinsler on to the roster and Ron Washington selected a deserving Elvis Andrus to come to Kansas City with him as well. Matt Harrison was selected to join the American League's pitching staff along with Joe Nathan. That gives the Rangers seven All-Stars on the roster which is a team record.

But there could be another Ranger on the roster if you want. Yu Darvish is among the options in the MLB All-Star Game Final Vote. You can vote for Yu if you so wish by going here: MLB Final Vote Ballot

Yu is competing with Jonathan Broxton, Ernesto Frieri, Jason Hammel, and Jake Peavy. You can also text your vote for Yu by texting VOTE to 89269 to get the ballot and then text A2 to select Yu. You might as well because Yu at the All-Star game would be awesome.