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2012 Community Projections - Pitchers

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Colby Lewis IP ERA K/9 BB/9 HR/9
LSB Projection 190.2 4.19 7.63 2.49 1.49
2012 First Half 100.0 3.51 8.10 1.08 1.35

The spring discussions around the Rangers' Opening Day starter revolved around his scary hip condition and propensity to give up the long ball. In the first half Colby has dug deep and has decided not to walk anyone as a trade off for a healthy amount of dingers. He's performed above expectations and been one of the anchors of the rotation.

Matt Harrison IP ERA K/9 BB/9 HR/9
LSB Projection 188.9 3.76 6.28 2.80 0.88
2012 First Half 113.1 3.10 5.56 2.14 0.64

Harry had a very good 2011 season. The projections expected a good season with slight regression. Instead, Harry read a book titled, "How To Go To The All Star Game" and had a 2012 first half that was even better. Harrison still doesn't strike many out, but he's not walking many and getting ground balls, an effective strategy with an excellent defense behind him.

Yu Darvish IP ERA K/9 BB/9 HR/9
LSB Projection 205.7 3.26 8.95 2.49 0.86
2012 First Half 102.2 3.59 10.26 4.65 0.79

In the first half Darvish has lived up to the hype around his amazing stuff with a 10.26 K/9 rate, currently second in the AL. But he's also lived up to some of the concerns around adapting to a new league, ball, players, umps, culture, etc. with a 4.65 BB/9 rate, currently third worst in the AL. He's had a good but not great first half and flashed the potential to be excellent. In the last 30 days he's had a 12.0 K/9 and 2.7 BB/9 which is hopefully the direction the second half will continue along.

Derek Holland IP ERA K/9 BB/9 HR/9
LSB Projection 205.7 3.56 8.07 2.76 1.01
2012 First Half 73.0 5.05 7.77 3.21 1.48

Derek was a breakout pick in the LSB projections. He showed up to camp in great shape, looked very good in spring and had an outstanding second half in 2011. Unfortunately his first half of 2012 has not met lofty expectations. It's been an up and down season lots of walks and well hit balls and an eventual DL trip due to a mysterious stomach virus that causes shoulder fatigue.

Neftali Feliz IP ERA K/9 BB/9 HR/9
LSB Projection 152.6 4.09 7.95 3.42 0.98
2012 First Half 42.2 3.16 7.80 4.85 1.05

One of the most polarizing topics among Rangers fans was the move of Neffi into the starting rotation. His first start was fantastic, but as the first half progressed several bouts of severe wildness hampered his effectiveness and efficiency (a concern going in). A strained UCL has had Feliz on the DL for nearly two months and the acquisition of Roy Oswalt leaves his status as a starter in limbo.

Joe Nathan IP ERA K/9 BB/9 HR/9
LSB Projection 55.2 3.36 8.52 2.82 1.17
2012 First Half 36.1 1.73 11.15 0.99 0.50

"I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

Joe Nathan has not been the mediocre closer we expected, he's been one of the most dominant relievers in baseball and on pace for arguably the best season for a closer in franchise history. We'll use this spot to mention that man, Robbie Ross has been really good. Good job Joe and Robbie.

Mike Adams IP ERA K/9 BB/9 HR/9
LSB Projection 70.3 2.19 9.17 2.02 0.80
2012 First Half 29.1 3.07 7.67 2.45 0.31

Mike Adams has had a good first half in 2012. Not quite the super dominant season we've seen for the past few years, but still a high quality late inning arm. April had an uncharacteristically low K/9 of 4.91, but since that first month he's had a more normal 9.33 K/9.

Alexi Ogando IP ERA K/9 BB/9 HR/9
LSB Projection 94.2 2.91 8.02 2.53 0.82
2012 First Half 34.2 2.08 9.09 1.82 0.52

Alexi came out of the gates exceptionally dominant, looking like perhaps the best reliever in baseball. He cooled a bit, but was still outstanding. And as starters began dropping like flies, he started a game and was perfect. Unfortunately NL baseball exists and he can't help but get base hits, straining his groin beating out a bunt.

Koji Uehara IP ERA K/9 BB/9 HR/9
LSB Projection 45.1 3.81 9.33 1.48 1.84
2012 First Half 21.1 2.11 9.28 0.84 1.27

After being acquired at the deadline, Koji had a terrible August, a great September, an absolutely dreadful October and then an awful spring. With a resume in a Rangers uniform that was almost completely bad, many fans expected nothing but more of the same. Some expecting that he'd either be traded, DFA'd or perhaps simply his career was over.

Koji still gives up home runs... but not at an unacceptable rate, and his amazing K:BB ratio keeps him as an effective reliever.